Managing Users

Manage project users#

You can view a project’s member list under the project’s People tab.

Add new team members#

Project invite

If you're a Project Admin, you can invite additional users to a Formik Cloud project based on your billing plan. Depending on your plan, you may need to upgrade to invite more users. Invited users will have access to all forms within a project and their access level will determine their permissions within the project. New users will be prompted to create an account before being added to your project.

Project permission levels#

There are 2 levels of permissions in Formik Cloud: Member and Admin.


Members can view a project's billing, settings, and members and manage forms, submissions, and actions.


Admins can manage a project's billing, settings, members, forms, submissions, and actions.

View forms✔️✔️
Manage forms✔️✔️
View submissions✔️✔️
Manage submissions✔️✔️
View actions✔️✔️
Manage actions✔️✔️
View project settings✔️✔️
View project members✔️✔️
View billing information✔️✔️
Manage project settings✔️
Manage project members✔️
Manage billing information✔️

Changing a project member's permissions#

If you’re a project Admin, you can change a project member’s permissions via the Project People page. To change someone’s role, press Update, then select the permission level of your choice. To remove a team member from a project, press Remove and then Confirm.

Edit Permissions

Note: as a project Admin, you cannot remove or demote yourself unless there is an additional Admin of the project.