Project Settings

Each Formik Cloud project has several properties that you can configure. Below is a description of each property and any considerations you should take when updating your project settings. All project settings can be updated from your project's Settings tab.

Project name#

Your projects's name is used to help you quickly find each project. Choose a name that is human readable and easily recognizable.

Note: Changing a project name will not change your submission endpoints.

Project slug#

Your projects's slug is used to uniquely identify your project is used as part of your submission endpoint.

IMPORTANT Changing a project slug will change your submission endpoints. Formik Cloud will NOT redirect new submissions to your new slug.

When you change your project's slug, you should update all of your forms so that they point to the correct endpoint. Recall, that your submission endpoint is determined by both your project slug AND form slug:

Example project slug change#

In this example, we have project with a slug of apple and two forms with slugs subscribe and contact-us. Somewhere in our applications we could have two forms that look something like:

If we change our project slug from apple to microsoft we need to update each form's action endpoint as follows: