Viewing Submissions

Formik Cloud includes a rich browsing experience to help you quickly find, sort, and filter your submissions. Many parts of this experience can be customized to your preferences.

Table view#

If you prefer viewing as much submission data as possible, the table view is for you. The table view can be selected in your form settings.

Table View

List view#

Similar to an email inbox, view your two most important fields in the list and expand each item to view more. The list view can be selected in your form settings.

List View

Choose which columns to show#

Project admins can modify the visibility and ordering of each submission column from the form settings.

Column reordering

Formik generated data#

In addition to the submitted data, Formik Cloud tracks the following metadata for each submission.

  • IP Address: The IP address that the submission was received from.
  • Date: The ISO 8601 timestamp when the submission was received.

Have an idea for other metadata fields you think would be helpful? Let us know on Twitter.

Export to CSV#

Sometimes you will want to export your data, for example to be shared or analyzed. Formik Cloud allows you to export your submissions to a CSV file from your submissions view.

Export to CSV