Sending Submissions

Submitting data to Formik Cloud is designed to be intuitive and adaptable. Start with a method that is tailored to your development style and easily modify your approach at any time.

Sending data to your submit endpoint#

At the core of each Formik Cloud form is the submit endpoint.

The submit endpoint accepts POST requests with a Content-Type of application/x-www-form-url-encoded, application/json, or multipart/form-data. The Content-Type of your form will depend on your preferred method of sending form data.

For further information form data, check out MDN's Sending form data, Sending forms through JavaScript, and our examples below.



Using a shell command can be helpful when manually creating submissions or exploring Formik Cloud functionality.

HTML form action#

The simplest type of form, no JavaScript required!


No framework, no problem. Submit your data using vanilla JavaScript and fetch.


React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. For more information check out the React docs.


The hometown favorite. For more information check out the Formik docs.

Uploading files#

Formik Cloud supports uploading files by first sending the upload to your form's upload endpoint, and then sending the resulting upload URL as part of the form submission.