If you have a question that's not answered below, reach out to us on Twitter.

Is my data secure?#

Formik Cloud data is securely stored and backed up nightly.

How can I request a feature or report a bug?#

Feature requests and bug reports can be submitted via the Feedback Form located in the top right of our application. We review these requests as they come in and prioritize them against our backlog.

What happens if I change my project or form slugs? Are my old slugs redirected or aliased?#

Changing slugs in Formik Cloud is a mutatitive and dangerous action. Requests to your old slugs will not be forwarded to the new one. Please be sure to update your usages when modifying your slugs.

Can I leave a project?#

You may leave a project at any time via the Members tab. If you are the only member with Administrator permissions, you will need to appoint a new Administrator before you are able to leave the project.

What can I do if one of my actions fails?#

Failed actions can be rerun manually via the dashboard. In the future we may support automatically retrying your failed actions.

Do you have an enterprise solution?#

We ask that enterprise customers contact us directly to discuss plan options.

What happens to incoming submissions if I reach my plan limit?#

If you surpass your plan limit your submissions will not be saved and your actions will not be fired. Prior to reaching your limit, we will send emails to notify you that you are nearing your limit.

Do I have to use React and Formik to use Formik Cloud?#

There is not a strict requirement, no. The Formik Cloud ecosystem is designed with the Formik library in mind, though, so you will likely see some benefit to using the two together.