Confirmations and Notifications#


Confirmations are what is shown to the user after submitting their form. This setting is only applicable forms submitted via form action. Options include HTML templates as well as redirects.


HTML Templates are the default option. When you create a new form we provide a simple confirmation message of "Thank you for your submission". For failed submissions, we show a message of "Oops, something went wrong".

Default Template
Default Confirmations
Custom Template

If you'd like a custom confirmation message you can provide HTML, Handlebars, or a React component and we will render it for you. If using Handlebars or React, some variables will be injected into your template.


You can provide a URL to redirect users to after completing your form. You can reference the same form data available in a confirmation template to construct your URL. Simple reference your data using Handlebars syntax.{{}}&name={{}}&email={{}}

Values will be URL encoded for you.