Slack Action

Slack is a platform for team communication. Adding a Slack action to your form will allow Formik Cloud to post a message for each form submission to the channel of your choice.

Creating a Slack action#

  1. Navigate to the Actions tab of your form.

  2. Click Create Action and select Slack.

    Action create button
  3. Enter an Action Name and URL.

    Action form
  4. Click Create.

Custom options#

You can configure additional settings in Formik Cloud that will override the default values you may have selected while creating the custom Incoming Webhook integration Slack. More information can be found in the Slack documentation.

UsernameThe username that should appear as the sender of the message in Slack. Defaults to "Formik Cloud"
Icon URLThe URL of the icon/avatar of the sender. Defaults to the Formik Cloud logo.
Channel NameThe name of the channel to post to

What's the difference between the Slack action and the webhook action?#

While you can use a Formik Cloud webhook action to send form data to Slack's Incoming Webhook integration, it will not be formatted very nicely. Formik Cloud leverages Slack's Webhook attachment API to pretty print submission data and include relevant links to your Formik Cloud dashboard.